The World’s Largest Lost and Found

Constantly misplacing your keys or other small items? Well the next big smartphone app is coming and it will help you with just that. After a very successful Kickstarter campaign where it raised more than 6x its goal, a new app called ‘The Tile’ is now taking pre-orders and will begin shipping in the Spring of 2014.

Basically you attach a small device (a tile) to your keys, wallet, bag, or whatever you want to keep track of. The device links up with your smartphone and will guide you to where it is and a sound alert can also be triggered. These features work when you’re within 150 feet of your lost item.

The really cool part of the Tile App is that if your item really is lost or stolen (not just misplaced around the house) and it is miles away, you can mark it as a lost item in your account and this puts all Tile Apps on alert. If any Tile App user comes within 150 feet of your item that person’s phone will communicate with Tile’s cloud system and you will be sent a notification of where your item is.

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