Top 10 Reasons why you should be Selling Online

Allows for independence from eBay- You can begin to gain sales on your own website and avoid eBay fees

Provides a clearing house for all products- You can list as many products as you like without worrying about fees

Increases buyer confidence- You can show your buyers that you have a website from within eBay

Requires little management- If setup correctly, it should be set and forget for the most part

Can be tied directly into PayPal- This makes it easy to process orders for both your eBay and website orders

Repeat Sales- Send buyers to your e-commerce site through marketing strategies

Drop-ship- This makes you appear larger than you really are and is sure to provide sales

Charge higher prices- With a good e-commerce site you can get away with charging higher prices

Build an asset- Your e-commerce site is an asset you can work hard to build

More sales- Marketing your e-commerce site correctly will always result in more sales